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Need to reach me? Either send a PM, comment here, or drop a line to Temporary Cancer on AIM.

Got some advice for me? Lay it on me. Comments not screened, but anon is on and IP is off. I'd love to hear from you!

[AU event is go]

Hey guys! Uh... my name's Lyra Moretti. I'm new here. You probably already know my dad, he's a gym leader. I'm a trainer too, so if there are any Pokemon here, let's be friends, okay? My favorite color is red, my favorite Pokemon is Feraligatr, but my favorite type is flying, and I like cinnamon buns and burgers.

So what's there to do around here, anyway? Are there any Game Corners? Or cool shady-looking places to go explore? There were lots of places to check out in Kanto, but you have to be pretty careful around there. Never know when you might stumble onto Team Rocket.

[And the prize for Least Subtle Ever goes to...]
[Lyra has been a busy girl as of late. A while ago, Xatu showed up, informing Lyra that a few trainers had announced their intent to challenge the Elite Four, so she'd better get her butt on back to the Indigo Plateau. So off she rushed! And defended her title! There were some close calls and it was all very thrilling and she couldn't wait to share the tale with the journal network.

She just got home today! Gosh, how funny. The other side of the room now looked... lived-in. Maybe she had a new roomie? She couldn't see anyone else around, though, so she simply went about her business and turned on her laptop.

But then. Her roomie. Came home.


This is where the video starts: the feed accidentally clicks to life thanks to Lyra accidentally mashing her hand on the keyboard in her attempt to get AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE. She is desperately trying to get at her pokeballs so Rui or anyone ever can once again tell the bat to please leave before Lyra dies horribly via brain-sucking, but she's far too panicked to do anything but fumble around for anything she can grab. Thus, the journal network is treated to a lovely video of Lyra hurling pokedolls and Apricorns while she screams like a terrified schoolgirl.

Actually, you don't even need to be on the computer to pick up on that part. It is safe to bet that anyone in the girl's dorm could hear the thumping and screaming a mile off.]

Diary excerpt; unhackable unless you're Wendy and you look under her pillow. %|bCollapse )

This year, my resolutions are:

1. Get the other 7 Kanto gym badges
2. Keep practicing boxing until I get good at it
3. Face my worst fear.

The last one's definitely gonna be the hardest. Maybe I should just pick one, but I dunno if I could stick to just one. When I start thinking about stuff I wanna do, the list gets so big I'd probably have 20 things up there. I guess I get carried away pretty easily.

Hey... does anyone else here follow a lot of radio dramas? One of FDC's stations started up a new one a little while ago. It's about some guy called the Steel Samurai. I've only listened to a few episodes, but I think I'm already hooked!

gggg i'm probably forgetting somebody 8'|

[ATTENTION EVERY POGLE: You may notice that there is a tiny little bundle wrapped in ribbon + a little tiny plastic bottle of juice outside your door. Poofy Hat Santa and Beret Santa had made plans to go on a poffin-Aprijuice spree, you see, so there is enough for all the pogles. Don't be mad if some of the poffins are a little undercooked in the middle; even with Lucas' expert hand, Lyra's kind of new at poffin-making.

If you know Lyra or Lucas, then odds are they were able to give you your flavor of choice. If not, or if you are a gym leader with many a pogle, then you can assume a variety-pack and a juice with lots of white or black Apricorns.


Silver, Gym Leaders + Eusine, Red + Team, Amp, Mili, Bulba, Mac, Wendy, Giovanni, ArcherCollapse )
Letter to mommy, unhackableCollapse )

[Video time! Lyra's curled up on her computer chair, hugging a Tavi like he's a giant smooshy teddy bear.]


Somebody really smart told me once... walking with Pokemon means that there's no end to the relationship between people and Pokemon.

[She buried her face in Tavi's fur for a moment.]

If any of the Pokemon that don't have trainers... or... anyone that isn't human... if you don't wanna be alone, then... well, I don't think it's smart to be alone. You can come to my room if you want. I have a lot of big Pokemon, so I'm used to it being a little bit crowded. I really don't mind. I hope it's okay, Wendy, but... you're not human either, so... I think having a crowd around will be smart.

...That's all, I guess.
Offline diary excerpt, unhackable (unless you're Wendy?)Collapse )

Halloween was pretty fun. It kinda sounds like not everyone enjoyed themselves, but I definitely had a good time. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with all this furniture, though. We didn't get as much candy as I'd hoped, so I kinda cheated and bought some on sale for Janus. I had no idea he liked Red Vines that much. He's off to Kanto for an errand, but he took as many of them as he could carry with him. I'm definitely gonna hafta start us back up on Pokeathlon training next week, or he's gonna get fat. Everyone's welcome to come -- especially you, Shaymin and... um... the pink-headed psychic Pokemon whose name I forgot to ask!

Speaking of candy... Eusine! I've got some for you! And not an Almond Joy in sight, promise.

Oh, and Brendan! When do you wanna have our teams meet up? It might have to wait until Janus gets back, but he's really quick. It only takes a Dragonite seven hours to go around the world, let alone to Kanto and back. I can bring in my other three if you need more Pokedex data, too.

Hey, one more thing! Does anyone here follow the news from Kanto? There was a break-in or something at the Silph Co. headquarters in Saffron a little while ago! Silph's being totally hush about what happened, though. I dunno, I'm kinda worried. I mean, legit businesses don't have spies breaking into stuff, so it's gotta be something shady, right? And everyone knows that Team Rocket tried to take Silph Co. over once already. I wrote Lance to see if he knows if anything was taken -- especially Pokemon.

You wouldn't happen to know anything about it, Giovanni, would you? No, of course you wouldn't.

[ACTION - Locked to Wendy]

[A terrible, terrible tragedy has struck, SBG. Lyra has been truly devastated by a shocking bit of news that she. Um. Conveniently stumbled onto completely accidentally! Through no snooping whatsoever! Yeah.

Anyway, IT'S HORRIBLE. Lyra reacts to this revelation in a mature, understanding, and openminded manner: she runs off sobbing. Wendy, I hope you weren't doing anything important, because suddenly there is a whole lot of wailing 12-year-old barrelling into the room with a smushed-up bit of paper clutched to her poor, poor broken heart.]